Hooks Wins Penn-Ohio Street Stock Special!

Shaun Hooks won the first Penn-Ohio Street Stock Special at Eriez.

Shaun Hooks won the first Penn-Ohio Street Stock Special at Eriez.

Max Blair, Wright, Watson, Ottaway, and Marcy also score wins!
By Jay Pees

Hammett, PA, (June 15, 2014): The Penn-Ohio Street Stock Series made it’s first-ever visit to Erie Speedway with thirty cars signing into the pit. Four heats and a consolation event set the Waterford Hotel Street Stocks starting lineup with heat winners Mark Peck, Chris Withers, Shaun Hook, and Mark Thompson in the first four slots. Shaun Hooks took the lead at a restart on lap three then went on to his first win in the series and at Eriez Speedway.

In regular action Max Blair led from the outside front row at the start but then had to fend off Robbie Blair in the closing laps to get his first-ever Super Late Model win at Eriez Speedway. Defending champion Chad Wright returned to the winner’s circle in the Crate Late Mol feature. Joel Watson charged to his fourth victory of the 5-week old season in E-Mod competition while former champion Chris Ottaway returned to Victory Lane in Limited Late Model racing. Carl Marcy led the Challenger division feature to the checkered flag for the second week in a row.

Starter Spanky Hall brought the twenty-four car Waterford Hotel Street Stocks field to life with double green flags but four cars piled up in turn two including forcing a complete restart. When the race went green Mark Thompson led lap one over Mark Peck then Shaun Hooks came to second at lap two. Peck and Thompson spun in turn four at lap three eventually involving five competitors. A red flag was necessary on the restart as nine cars completely blocked the track. All drivers were ok but several cars retired to the pit for repair or were damaged so bad that they were out of the race. Hooks, Rusty Martz, and Colton Gearhart led after green with Gearhart coming to second at lap five. Martz came back to second after a restart at lap seven. At halfway the order was Hooks, Martz, Gearhart, Don McGuire, and Rod Lasky. Another yellow slowed the field with five laps remaining. Gearhart spun in turn two after the restart setting up a five lap dash for the win. Hooks was up to the task, winning over Martz, Don McGuire, Lasky, and Shane Applebee. McGuire collected a $200 bonus for being the highest finishing racer with a 2-bbl carburetor.

The regular classes each had a regular card of events with the Conway & O’Malley Limited Late Models up first with former champions Chris Ottaway and Pat McGuire on the front row. After a first lap restart Ottaway charged into the lead over current points leader Nate Short. Several more cautions for single-car spins slowed the field with Short being penalized two spots for jumping the start at lap sixteen. After green at lap sixteen former champion Ryan Scott came to second but Ottaway sped away to his first win of the season. Scott wound up second with Short third. Opening night winner Kelly Frederes and last race’s winner Chris McGuire was fifth.

A major pileup on the back straight of lap one of the Bonnell Collision Center FASTRAK Late Models involving six racers brought a red flag over the field before one lap could be completed when outside front row starter Mike Lozowski got out of shape. Only twelve cars were able to continue after the race was restarted. Pole sitter Chad Wright, the defending champion, led Matt Latta and former champion Kyle Zimmerman through the early stages. By lap eight Zimmerman and Latta were side by side with neither able to gain an advantage until Zimmerman pulled ahead at lap twelve. With six remaining Khole Wanzer looped his mount in turn two, slowing the event and putting Zimmerman and Latta side by side again, right behind Wright. Latta regained the spot at green but Wright was speeding off to his first win of the season. With one to go Zimmerman was again second but with no chance to catch Wright. Latta settled for third with Jason Genco fourth and Mike Knight fifth.

Matt Marcy led lap one of the Kandy’s Gentleman’s Club Challengers feature with Travis Darling second. Caution slowed the race at the end of lap one but Marcy then picked up where he left off, leading the next two until a caution again slowed the race. The last caution came at the white flag when Wes Stull and Drew Panko came together on the front straight with Stull ending up on his side against the outside wall. Second running Steve Morse retired pitside during the cleanup. Then Marcy raced on to his second win of the season with points leader Jason Brightman second, Darling third, Ryan Wright fourth, and Kayla Beach fifth.

John Boyd and Greg Johnson led the field at the start of the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods feature with Boyd leading lap one over Johnson. After a lap two caution Boyd again led with Johnson second and Dave Hess coming to third at five laps into the event. Last race winner Joel Watson was up to fourth at lap seven with defending champion Rich Michael battling Butch Southwell for fifth. At lap eight the field was bunched with another caution when Mike Bambarger spun in turn two. Hess had moved into second at this point so he and Johnson started right on Boyd’s rear bumper for the resumption of racing. Watson came to third at halfway and was ahead of Hess a lap later. Another caution before lap eleven could be completed put Hess and Watson together right behind the leader for yet another restart. On lap thirteen Watson edged ahead of Boyd, going on to his fourth win of the season. Dave Hess got by Boyd on a lap fourteen restart to finish second. Boyd held on for third over Johnson with Chad Carlson fifth.

The night-capper was the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models with last race winner Chub Frank and rookie Max Blair leading the twenty Super late Models to the green. Blair edged ahead of the veteran Frank on the back straight of lap one then opened at ten length lead by the end of three laps. Blair caught lapped traffic at lap six and had a quarter lap lead at the completion of seven green flag laps. Rob Blair came to third at ten laps in but Andy Boozel fought back and had the spot briefly before Blair surged back just before caution at lap eleven, negating the younger Blair’s lead. After green Max Blair, Frank, and Rob Blair raced for the lead with Robbie coming to second at lap thirteen and then chasing his son as Frank fell off the pace and headed to the infield at lap fourteen. Rob Blair stayed right with Max with Mike Knight third and Boozel fourth until lap eighteen when Boozel spun into the infield. For the restart it was Max Blair, Rob Blair, Mike Knight, Matt Urban, and John Volpe.  The elder Blair got by his son briefly at the restart but Max was ahead by a length at the end of one lap under green. With four to go Greg Oakes was in fourth behind Knight. Rob Blair went to the top with two to go but could not get by the Crate Late Model standout as he went on to his first-ever Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models feature win. Rob Blair was second with Knight third, Oakes fourth, and Urban fifth.

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Chub Frank, Mike Knight, Dave Hess, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Steve Kania, Ryan Scott
Heat 2: Max Blair, Rob Blair, Greg Oakes, Matt Urban, Jordan Eck, Chuck Parker, Chris Peterson
Heat 3: Andy Boozel, John Volpe, Matt Urban, Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Bob Dorman
Burger King of the Hill: Rob Blair, Chris Hackett
Feature: Max Blair, Rob Blair, Mike Knight, Greg Oakes, Matt Urban, John Volpe, Dave Hess, Chris Hackett, Scott Gurdak, Rich Gardner, Darrell Bossard, Bob Dorman, Andy Boozel, Bump Hedman, Ryan Scott, Steve Kania, Jordan Eck, Chub Frank, Chuck Parker, Chris Peterson

Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Kyle Zimmerman, Mike Lozowski, Wendell Pinckney, Bobby Rohrer, Mike Knight, Max Blair, Khole Wanzer, Mark Tatalovic, Dave Lyon
Heat 2: Matt Latta, Chad Wright, Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Bruce Hordusky, Wyatt Scott, Lauren Longbrake, Breyton Santee
Feature: Chad Wright, Kyle Zimmerman, Matt Latta, Jason Genco, Mike Knight, Scott Gurdak, Bobby Rohrer, Wendell Pinckney, Darrell Bossard, Dave Lyon, Matt Tatalovic, Khole Wanzer, Mike Lozowski, Bruce Hordusky, Lauren Longbrake, Breyton Santee, Max Blair (DNS)

Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:
Heat 1: Butch Southwell, Greg Johnson, Rich Michael, Dave Hess, Joel Watson, Chad Carlson, John Schenker, Steve Sornberger
Heat 2: Gary Eicher, John Boyd, John Boardman, Dan Sasso, Steve Simon, Mike Bambarger, Rob Middleton, Eric Reinwald
Feature: Joel Watson, Dave Hess, John Boyd, Greg Johnson, Chad Carlson, Steve Simon, Gary Eicher, Dan Sasso, Eric Reinwald, Mike Bambarger, Rob Middleton, Butch Southwell, Rich Michael, John Boardman, Steve Sornberger, John Schenker (DNS)

Conway and O’Malley Limited Late Models:
Heat 1: Chris McGuire, Dustin Eckman, Pat McGuire, Kelly Frederes, John Cline Jr, Rodney Thoms
Heat 2: Ryan Scott, Nate Short, Chris Ottaway, Mark Frontera, John Cline Sr, Matt Tuzynski
Feature: Chris Ottaway, Ryan Scott, Nate Short, Kelly Frederes, Chris McGuire, Pat McGuire, John Cline Sr, John Cline Jr, Mark Frontera, Dustin Eckman, Matt Tuzynski, Rodney Thoms

Waterford Hotel Street Stocks Penn-Ohio Tour:
Heat 1: Mark Thompson, Rusty Martz, Colton Gearhart, Chris Schneider, Ron Johnson, Gary Fisher, Tim Burns, Tyler Lyngarkos
Heat 2: Shaun Hooks, Jeff Broniszewski, Randy Wyant, Jessee Brock, Guy Adams, Gary Miller, Kenny Lamp, Wesley McCray (DNS)
Heat 3: Chris Withers, Shane Applebee, Rod Lasky, Don McGuire, Bob Schwartzmiller, Eric Paulus, Travis Norman
Heat 4: Mark Peck, Curtis Bish, Shaun Faucett, Carl Marcy, Bobby Heim, Matt Lozowski, Elaine Best
B-Main: Eric Paulus, Tom Burns, Kenny Lamp, Matt Lozowski, Travis Norman, Elaine Best, Wesley McCray, Tyler Lyngarkos, Gary Fisher (DNS), Gary Miller (DNS)
Feature: Shaun Hooks, Rusty Martz, Don McGuire, Rod Lasky, Shane Applebee, Curtis Bish, Matt Lozowski, Chris Withers, Jeff Broniszewski, Bob Schwartzmiller, Tim Burns, Mark Thompson, Chris Schneider, Jessee Brock, Carl Marcy, Bobby Heim, Colton Gearhart, Ron Johnson, Kenny Lamp, Mark Peck, Randy Wyant, Shaun Fawcett, Guy Adams, Eric Paulus

Kandy’s Gentlemen’ Challengers:
Heat 1: Matt Marcy, Jason Brightman, Roger Hall, Justin Boardman, Stephen Enlow, Ken Luma, Wes Stull, Tim Fisher, Jimmy Nicholson, Jean Fowler, Aaron Marcy, Brandon Trautman
Heat 2: Travis Darling, Steve Morse, Andy Proper, Ryan White, Tom Cupp, Drew Panko, Kelsey Parker, Kayla Beach, Chris Panko, Jonathan Pratt, Skip Jackson, Katie Perry, Gary Olson
Feature: Matt Marcy, Jason Brightman, Travis Darling, Ryan White, Kayla Beach, Kelsey Parker, Ken Luma, Chris Panko, Skip Jackson, Jimmy Nicholson, Tim Fisher, Steve Morse, Drew Panko, Wes Stull, Tom Cupp, Joe Beach, Justin Boardman, Jonathan Pratt, Andy Proper, Gary Olson, Aaron Marcy, Stephen Enlow (DNS), Brandon Trautman (DNS)