Race Day Info

Where Can We Purchase Ticket At?
You can purchase tickets at the track on the day of the event


What Time Do The Races Start?
Gates open at 4:30 Racing starts at 6:00.


Is Camping Available At The Track?
Free Camping is available ,but at this time no hookups.


Do You Have Concession Stands?
Yes! We sell all fast food. hot dogs,chili dogs, hamburg,cheese burger, chicken tenders, and sandwich, steak sandwich, fresh cut fries, and curly fries, onion petals, pretzels,nachos,pizzas, ice cream,candy bars, coffee,hot chocolate,cappuccino,and Pepsi products.


Are Coolers Allowed Inside The Gates?
Yes, coolers are allowed.No glass bottles. Alcohol must be purchased inside the track.


Is Your Facility Handicap Accessible?
Yes, We offer handicap restroom, wheel chair accessible stands, handicap parking at gate 3( north most) large parking facilities,front and both sides.


How Is Your General Seating Set-Up?
We have bench seating or you can bring lawn chair or stadium seats.


Is There Anything Else That I should Know Or Bring?
You do not need to bring anything specific, except special events, like veterans day admissions… proof of ID.


Do You Sell Alcohol?
Yes we do sell beer, and some malt beverages, as a result no alcohol will be permitted in stands or pits, due to Pa. liquor license.


Are Pets Allowed ?
No pets allowed in stands. But they are allowed in the parking  area and pits.


What are the prices for tickets?
A normal night of racing without any special events or shows are Adults $12.00,Seniors $10.00,children $6.00, under 6 free. Special Event pricing is different, so see schedule,or web sight for details.