Greg Oakes gets second win of season at Eriez Speedway!

Boyd and Wright also get second trips to Winner’s Circle. Former champions Fenno and Kania get first of season, and Burch wins third.

By Jay Pees

Hammett, PA, June 30, 2013: Rain showers were reported in several locations in the area but Eriez Speedway was under beautiful blue skies for the annual Kid’s Night, featuring the give-a-way of eight bikes to eight lucky kids as well as several games and toys. Originally scheduled was the JoAnne Clinger Memorial, but Jim Clinger experienced health problems earlier in the week. The memorial will be held at a later date when Jim’s health has improved to the point he can attend. Greg Oakes got his second Super Late Model feature win of the season after defending champion Mike Knight experienced mechanical problems five laps from the end. John Boyd and Chad Wright also got their second of the season and Casey Burch got his third win of 2013. Two former class champions, Greg Fenno and Steve Kania finally got their first wins of the year.

Franklinville, NY's Greg Oakes after his second Super Late Model feature win of the season.

Franklinville, NY’s Greg Oakes after his second Super Late Model feature win of the season.

Defending champion Mike Knight brought the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Model feature to the green with third-starting Rob Blair and fourth-starting Greg Oakes getting alongside the leader on the back straight of lap one but Knight holding the edge at the end of the lap. Knight, back to the track after a work-related injury earlier this month, maintained his lead until lap twenty when he suddenly slowed in turn four with mechanical troubles. Blair ran second until slipping wide on lap 13 and allowing Oakes to get by. With Knight’s misfortune Oakes was the leader for the five lap dash to the finsh over Blair, Dave Hess, Chris Hackett, and Doug Eck. Blair ducked low on the restart and got next to the leader but Oakes held on to score his second triumph of the season. The rest of the top five remained the same over the final laps.

Chad Wright took over the points lead with his second win in the FASTRAK Late Model feature.

Chad Wright took over the points lead with his second win in the FASTRAK Late Model feature.

Bobby Rohrer and Chad Wright brought the Bonnell Collision Center FASTRAK Late Model feature to Spanky Hall’s green flag with Wright leading the way for the first four laps. On lap five Khole Wanzer had mechanical problems with his steering and he was unable to get to the pits, coming to a halt just in front of the leaders. Everyone got by safely but caution was displayed to remove his car. At lap seven and again at lap twelve Breyton Santee spun his car, allowing the field to close up on the leader. By lap twelve Max Blair was up to third from his seventh starting berth. With five to go Mike Knight was fourth with Matt Latta fifth. That was the way they finished with Wright picking up his second win of the season at Eriez, allowing him to assume the points lead from Billy Henry, who did not finish the event.

John Boyd also picked up his second 2013 feature win.

John Boyd also picked up his second 2013 feature win.

The Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods started their feature with Greg Johnson and John Boyd on the front row. Former champion Boyd took the immediate lead but only one lap was complete when Mike McGee and Jake Eller spun in turn one. Greg Johnson and Rich Michael ran side by side for several laps while Boyd opened his lead but the lead disappeared at lap eight when Eller and newcomer Justin Chaddock spun in turn four. When green was back over the speedway Boyd again shot out to the lead but only one more lap was in the books when Steve Dixon and Eller spun in turn three. At this green defending champion Joel Watson got by Johnson and was working on second-running Michael when Michael spun in turn four. One lap later Johnson spun, also in turn four, collecting Mike McGee and Steve Simon. At the finish it was Boyd over Steve Dixon, from the back after his caution, Watson, Michael, also from the back after a caution, and Brian Fardink.

Defending Champion Steve 'Kid' Kania made his first visit to Victory Lane.

Defending Champion Steve ‘Kid’ Kania made his first visit to Victory Lane.

Four-time 2013 winner Ryan Scott started the Conway & O’Malley Limited Late Model feature from the pole with Tyler Green outside the front row. Dan Maxim was second by two laps in with Jake Finnerty coming to third at lap four. Using the high side Finnerty had come from sixth starting spot but his forward advance was halted when he spun in run four with five complete. After green at lap five Steve Kania, the defending champion, got by Scott and started opening a lead in his quest for his first win of the season. Kania enjoyed a near-quarter lap lead at the checkers over Scott, Maxim, Green, and Chris McGuire.

Corry's Greg Fenno in the Winner's Circle for the first time in 2013

Corry’s Greg Fenno in the Winner’s Circle for the first time in 2013.

Eighteen Eric Walter Tree and Stump Removal Street Stocks started their fifteen lap feature event with Brandon Groters and Greg Fenno on the front row. Groters, a winner earlier this season, led the first four laps then spun in turn two, leaving Fenno, a former champion, with the lead. Right behind Fenno for the restart were brothers Don and Pat McGuire. Groters spun again on the restart, then spun yet again on the next restart, sending him to the pits. At lap five defending champion Pat McGuire got by his brother for the runner-up position. McGuire was able to get alongside Fenno several times but with two to go got tangled with a lapped car, slowing his progress.  Fenno went on to the win over Pat McGuire with Joe Rohrer getting by Don McGuire for third with three laps remaining. Points leader Eric Ester filled out the top five.

Casey Burch drove to Victory Lane for the third time in 2013.

Casey Burch drove to Victory Lane for the third time in 2013.

Twenty-one Kandy’s Gentleman’s Club Challengers started their feature with Joe Beach leading at the end of one lap. At the end of two it was three wide at the line with Casey Burch leading just barely over Beach and Tim Fisher. After a caution at two laps complete, Burch reassumed the lead challenged by Fisher with the latter right by his side at the halfway point. A six complete Fisher had half a car-length lead and a full car-length at lap seven. Burch wasn’t done yet and was back alongside with two to go. In turn one on the white flag lap a lapped car got in the way, hampering Fisher’s run and allowing Burch to get the lead and the win. At the line it was Burch, Fisher, Beach, Travis Darling, and Mike Pohl.

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:

06-30-13-0025965-GKHeat 1: Chris Hackett, Dave Hess, Rob Blair, Scott Gurdak, Scott Johnson, Mike Oakes

06-30-13-0025966-GKHeat 2: Mike Knight, Doug Eck, Greg Oakes, Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Chevy Scott

06-30-13-0025971-GKBurger King of the Hill: Dave Hess, Scott Gurdak

Feature: Greg Oakes, Rob Blair, Dave Hess, Chris Hackett, Doug Eck, Scott Johnson, Scott Guedak, Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Chevy Scott, Mike Knight, Mike Oakes

Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Crate Late Models:

06-30-13-0025961-GKHeat 1: Chad Wright, Bobby Rohrer, Jamie Brown, Max Blair, Billy Henry, Bob Dorman, Khole Wanzer

06-30-13-0025962-GKHeat 2: Bruce Hordusky, Joe Buccola, Matt Latta, Mike Knight, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Breyton Santee

Feature: Chad Wright, Bobby Rohrer, Max Blair, Mike Knight, Matt Latta, Kyle Zimmerman, Bob Dorman, Jamie Brown, Scott Gurdak, Breyton Santee, Al Brewer, Bruce Hordusky, Billy Henry, Joe Buccola, Khole Wanzer

Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:

06-30-13-0025967-GKHeat 1: Steve Dixon, John Boyd, Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Steve Simon, Mike McGee, Dale McDonald, Chad Carlson (DNS)

06-30-13-0025968-GKHeat 2: Rich Michael, Shane Crotty, Greg Johnson, Brian Fardink, Steve Sornberger, Jake Eller, Justin Chaddock

Feature: John Boyd, Steve Dixon, Joel Watson, Rich Michael, Brian Fardink, Greg Johnson, Steve Simon, Steve Sornberger, Mike McGee, Shane Crotty, Jake Eller, Justin Chaddock, Dale McDonald, Gary Eicher, Chad Carlson (DNS)


Conway and O’Malley Limited Late Models:

06-30-13-0025963-GKHeat 1: Ryan Scott, Tyler Green, Jake Finnerty, Chris McGuire, John Cline

06-30-13-0025964-GKHeat 2: Steve Kania, Dan Maxim, Dustin Eckman, Mike Lozowski, Wade Watson

Feature: Steve Kania, Ryan Scott, Dan Maxim, Tyler Green, Chris McGuire, Dustin Eckman, John Cline, Mike Lozowski, Wade Watson, Jake Finnerty


Eric Walter Tree And Stump Removal Street Stocks:

06-30-13-0025958-GKHeat 1:  Pat McGuire, Greg Fenno, Eric Ester, Kyle Schreckengost, Eric Reinwald, Elaine Best

06-30-13-0025959-GKHeat 2: Brandon Groters, Gary Fisher, Charlie McMillen, Shawn Fawcett, Matt Tuzynski, Ken Lamp

06-30-13-0025960-GKHeat 3: Don McGuire, Ron Johnson, Joe Rohrer, John Phelps, Mark Ramsey, Mark Thompson

Feature: Greg Fenno, Pat McGuire, Joe Rohrer, Don McGuire, Eric Ester, Kyle Schreckengost, Gary Fisher, Eric Reinwald, Mark Thompson, Ken Lamp, Ron Johnson, Shawn Fawcett,

Kandy’s Gentlemen’ Challengers:

06-30-13-0025969-GKHeat 1: Casey Burch, Travis Darling, Kasey Hammond, Jeff Nunemaker, Rick Sperry, Joe Beach, Kelsey Parker, Andrew Phelps, Garrett Zimmer, Jason Brightman, Gary Olson

06-30-13-0025970-GKHeat 2: Tim Fisher, Kevin Covell, Wes Stull, Mike Pohl, Ryan White, Jessee Phelps, Roger Hall, Tom Cupp, Matt Marcy, Drew Panko, Matt Wolf

Feature: Casey Burch, Tim Fisher, Joe Beach, Travis Farling, Mike Pohl, Kevin Covell, Wes Stull, Jeff Nunemaker, Rick Sperry, Matt Marcy, Jason Brightman, Tom Cupp, Kelsey Parker, Garrett Zimmer, Drew Panko, Jessee Phelps, Matt Wolf, Andrew Phelps, Kasey Hammond, Roger Hall, Ryan White, Gary Olson (DNS)