Maxim, Phelps, Hess, Wright, and Stone score major wins in September Sweep!

By Jay Pees

Hammett, PA, September 8, 2013: The September Sweep finale, originally set for Saturday night, was run Sunday with B-Mains filling out the feature lineups, then features for all divisions with the highest purses of the season.

Jeremy Williams and Jimmy Kennerknecht won the two B-Mains for the Eric Walters Tree & Stump Removal Street Stocks. Provisional starting spots were awarded to Eric Reinwald and Mark Ramsey based on their points finishes.

The UEMS Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods also ran two B-Mains, won by Steve Dixon and Carl McKinney. Steve Sornberger and Daqn Sasso were the provisional starters.

Joel Watson won the B-Main for the $5000 to win City Chevrolet/Bonnell’s Collision Center FASTRAK Late Model National Tour Event. Joel Prosser was added to the field as a provisional starter.

After three heats set the starting field for the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Model feature of the First Annual September Sweep Robbie Blair started the 50 lap September Sweep $5000 to win feature from the pole with Dave Scott outside. Blair, the 2013 Eriez champion and eight time feature winner drove away from Scott at the drop of the green and appeared to be heading for the $5000 winner’s check, building a huge lead early in the race. At ten laps in Blair had half a straight lead over Scott with Friday night’s winner Dan Stone and 2011 track champion Mike Knight fighting over third. Chris Hackett was fifth at this point. Stone was third at lap fifteen and alongside Scott a lap later. With seventeen complete Stone was a solid second and closing on Blair. In heavy lapped traffic Stone closed the gap to three car lengths at lap 22. Coming out of turn four at halfway the tenth starting Stone got by Blair, looking to score his second win in three days. With thirty one complete Stone’s four car-length lead evaporated when Doug Eck spun in turn four. With nineteen laps remaining Stone brought the field back to green with Blair and Knight behind him and then Dave Scott and Chad Valone. At forty one complete Doug Eck pulled to the infield then drove back to the track edge and stopped, drawing a caution and resetting the field for the final green flag run. At Spanky Hall’s four checkered finish Stone held a near half straight lead over Blair. Knight, Scott, and Valone followed to end the 2013 season at Eriez.

The fifty lap national touring event for the City Chevrolet FASTRAK Bonnell Collision Center Late Models started with Bryce Davis and David Scott on the front row. After a lap one restart Davis led the first lap under green with track champion and fast qualifier Chad Wright coming to second. At four laps in Wright was to the inside of Davis but Davis pulled back to the lead a lap later. With ten complete fourth place starter Wayne Robertson got by for third. At eleven in yellow was shown when Luke Carlton and Jay Watson spun in turn four. The double-file restart had first and second spots side by side for the green allowing Wright to grab the lead by the end of the lap. At eighteen laps Robertson came to second but at twenty laps into the race Wright had a four car length lead. Fifteenth starting Max Blair was up to fifth at this point. At halfway Robertson had closed slightly on Wright with Davis still third, Scott fourth, and Blair closing in fifth. In traffic Wright was opening a lead back up over Robertson by thirty laps complete. On lap thirty three Doug Ricotta spun to the infield, never slowing, but the yellow was shown, closing the field. The double file restart allowed Robertson to not only close but start next to the leader. On the green Robertson shot to the lead but spun in front of the field coming out of turn two. Wright and Davis brought the field back to green and ran side by side with Wright slightly ahead at the stripe. At thirty-four complete Wright was back to the lead and Blair up to third a lap later. Blair was third, running next to Davis for seven laps until Davis secured the spot art lap 45. Wright went on to the win, the richest in his career, over Blair, Davis, Scott, and Billy Henry.

Randy Hall and Justin Carlson brought the UEMS Plyler Overhead Door E-Mod feature to the green with Hall, a former series champion, immediately taking the lead. Several cautions slowed the early going. By lap two the newly crowned Eriez champion, Rich Michael, was second with Carlson third and former Eriez champion Dave Hess fourth. At five laps complete Vic Vena moved to fourth while at the front Michael was challenging Hall. The two were side by side with Dave Hess right behind from lap six through thirteen with Hall pulling back to the lead at lap fourteen. At lap sixteen Hess was alongside Michael with the lapped traffic coming into play. The lead battle was three-wide coming by the line to finish lap eighteen. The three stayed three wide till turn three when Michael turned hard into the turn three concrete wall, possibly after wheel to wheel contact with a lapped car. On the lap prior to the yellow Hess was slightly ahead at the line so restarted the event from the lead. One lap after green again flew Vena came to second but Hess was pulling away from the pack. Hess’s lead vanished at lap 24 when Steve Simon got into the turn two wall, setting up a six lap run to the checkers. The final six laps had Hall coming back to second but Hess was opening his lead again, heading to a $5000 payday. Vena and Hall ran side by side over the last lap with Hall getting the spot by inches. 2012 track champion Joel Watson was fourth and 2013 McKean County Raceway champion Steve Dixon fifth.

The Conway & O’Malley Limited Late Models battled for $1000 to win with the field set through heat races run Friday night. Steve Kania and Dan Maxim, both winners in the 2013 season, brought the field to green but eight of the fourteen starters piled up in turn one on lap one. When the green flag went in the air again it was Maxim grabbing the early lead and Kania, the 2012 champion second. At halfway the leaders were in lapped traffic with Kania alongside Maxim in the turns. Bill Reeves dropped his left front wheel on the exit to turn two with the wheel on the racing surface, again slowing the event. With double wide in row two for the restart Dustin Eckman was able to grab second at the start but Kania managed to get back by on lap sixteen. With two to go Eckman and Chris McGuire got together in turn four with McGuire spinning into the infield and Eckman coming to a halt in turn one. Eckman suffered a flat tire in the encounter and retired to the pits. Maxim then drove off to the win over Kania, Ryan Scott, Tyler Green, and Jake Finnerty. It was Maxim’s third win of the season, his second ‘extra-money’ win of the season.

The $2000 to win Street Stock feature was run in memory of Wellie Yaple, a long-time Eriez Speedway sponsor. Gary Fisher and Shawn Fawcett started on the front row with Fawcett shooting out to the early lead but a five car mess on turn one negated the start. After the cars of Kenny Zimmer, Vic Earle, Matt Tuzynski, Kenny Lamp, and Eric Ester were removed only Zimmer and Earle were unable to continue. Mark Thompson also pitted during the yellow but rejoined the field before green again waved. Fawcett again led after green with Gary Fisher and Chris Couchenour right behind. After more cautions, Fawcett again led with Couchenour right behind as tenth starting Joe Rohrer advanced to second by the end of lap seven. One lap later Rohrer retired pitside with apparent mechanical problems. A restart for a spin by Eric Ester again slowed the field with the top five now being Fawcett, Couchenour, 2013 champion John Phelps, Fisher, and Rod Lasky. With green Phelps immediately came to second and was alongside the leader with a slight advantage at ten laps complete. Phelps had pulled out to a substantial lead by lap fourteen when David Baker spun coming out of turn four. On green the order was Phelps, Fawcett, Lasky, Paul Schreckengost, and Don McGuire. After one lap of green flag racing Lasky was second with McGuire third. After yet another yellow for a spin by Art Edwards, Phelps led to field back to green with McGuire using the outside to gain second at the green. Schreckengost was third when the final yellow appeared at lap twenty-one. Phelps was hounded incessantly by Schreckengost over the final laps, interrupted by a caution with one remaining, but managed to hold on for the win, effectively “book ending” his championship season with wins opening and closing nights. Schreckengost wound up second with McGuire third, Fawcett fourth and Lasky filling out the top five.

ULMS Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:

Heat 1: David Scott, Chris Hackett, Robbie Blair, Dave Hess, Bump Hedman, Scott Gurdak, Bob Dorman, Ryan Scott

Heat 2: Mike Knight, Rich Gardner, Boom Briggs, Andy Boozel, Chub Frank, Matt Urban, Greg Oakes

Heat 3: Russ King, Tim Fuller, Darrell Bossard, Dan Stone, John Lobb, Scott Johnson, Chris Peterson, Doug Eck

ULMS Feature: Dan Stone, Robbie Blair, Mike Knight, Dave Scott, Chad Valone, Tim Fuller, Darrenn Bossard, Rich Gardner, Dave Hess, Greg Oakes, Andy Boozel, Chub Frank, Boom Briggs, Scott Gurdak, Bump Hedman, Scott Johnson, John Lobb, Chris Hackett, Doug Eck, Matt Urban, Chevy Scott, Russ King, Bob Dorman ,Chris Peterson

Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Crate Late Models City Chevrolet National Touring Series:

B-Main: Joel Watson, Jay Watson, Jamie Brown, David Smith, Luke Carlton, Mike Knight, Eric Andress, Khole Wanzer, Joel Prosser, Dereck Frank (DNS)

Feature: Chad Wright, Bryce Davis, Max Blair, Dave Scott, Billy Henry, Mike Pegher, Kyle Zimmerman, Joel Watson, Jason Genco, Mike Knight, Ed Carley, David Smith, Bruce Hordusky, Scott Gurdak, Joey Buccola, Jamie Brown, Mike Mitchell, Wayne Robertson, Doug Ricotta, Matt Latta, Luke Carlton, Joel Prosser, Jay Watson, Zack Carley, Bobby Rohrer

Plyler Overhead Door UEMS E-Mods:

B-Main1: Steve Dixon, John Boyd, John Boardman, Steve Simon, Brian Fardink, Dan Sasso, Bill Raylor, Cubby Haupt

Heat 2: Carl McKinney, Shane Crotty, John Schenker, Tom Hagberg, Steve Sornberger, Gary Murphy, Tony Marrotto

Feature: Dave Hess, Randy Hall, Vic Vena, Joel Watson, Steve Dixon, Butch Southwell, Justin Carlson, Russ Dunn, Greg Johnson, Kenny Zimmer, John Boyd, Shane Crotty, Steve Sornberger, John Schenker, Tom Hagberg, Scott Pangrazio, Carl McKinney, Steve Simon, Mike Smith, Rich Michael, Dan Sasso, Darren Tarabori, John Boardman, Chad Carlson

Conway and O’Malley Limited Late Models:

Feature: Dan Maxim, Steve Kania, Ryan Scott, Tyler Green, Jake Finnerty, Chris Ottaway, Chris McGuire, John Cline Jr, Mike Moore, Troy Dorman, Dustin Eckman, Bill Reeves, Jermin Strickland, Bryon Johnson

Eric Walter’s Tree And Stump Removal Street Stocks:

B-Main 1: Jeremy Walters, Vic Earle, Ken Drake, Guy Adams, Rodney Thoms, Elaine Best, Wes Vollentini, Cassi Rockwell (DNS), John Bailey (DNS)

B-Main 2: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Tim Burns, Mark Ramsey, Eric Reinwald, Bob Sloss, Chris Withers

Wellie Yaple Memorial Feature: ($2000 to win)

Feature: John Phelps, Paul Schreckengost, Don McGuire, Shawn Fawcett, Rod Lasky, Mark Thompson, Pat McGuire, Kenny Lamp, Gary Fisher, Tim Burns, Brian Crandall, David Baker, Mark Ramsey, Jeremy Williams, Eric Ester, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Art Edwards, Matt Tuzynski, Chris Couchenour, Eric Harvey, Joe Rohrer, Eric Reinwald, Brandon Groters, Ed Bolyard, Kenny Zimmer, Vic Earle